Terma Highlights 2022

2022 has continued to be a successful year for our TSC and CCS5 products (tgss.terma.com) – in both testing (AIT) and operations.

There have been three launches so far this year that use CCS5 as the control system:

  • Liciacube – September 2022 – (Argotec, Turin) a cubesat included on NASA’s DART asteroid impact test mission. Liciacube took photos after the asteroid impact.
  • Argomoon – November 2022 – (Argotec, Turin), a cubesat launched with Artemis 1 (SLS) and took photos of the moon.
  • Airbus NGSAR mission – a German SAR mission launched in June 2022, which used CCS5 both for test and operations

In the area of satellite testing, we have sold CCS5 systems and software to the following missions:

  • The Canadian CHORUS Mission – a SAR – follow-on from the RadarSat series
  • To support testing of the SpaceRider AOM Module (Fiat Avio)
  • To support testing of the I-HAB module (Thales Alenia Space, Turin), one of ESA’s contributions to the Lunar Gateway. CCS5 was adapted to support the Artemis protocols for this.
  • OHB for several programs – CHIME Instrument Testing, HERA and Comet Interceptor program (OHB-I)
  • AirbusOneWeb Satellites/AirbusUS – follow on projects from OneWeb in the United States

As the year draws to a close, we are also starting work on the Central Checkout System for the ELSA-M space debris removal In-Orbit Demonstration mission for Astroscale in the UK. ELSA-M is planned to be scaled up to be a service and is another interesting new commercial customer for CCS5/TSC.

One of the first customers for CCS5 were OHB and Thales Alenia Space for the MTG (Meteosat Third Generation) mission, which was successfully launched on December 13th 2022 after a decade in development.

These projects demonstrate the adaptability of CCS5 in supporting cubesats up to large complex spacecraft and covering both testing and mission control system applications.


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