Start brand new curriculum at InHolland University of Applied Sciences

The brand new curriculum at Inholland University of Applied Sciences for the Space Engineering Minor will start in september 2022 for 29 fourth year Aeronautical & Precision Engineering students in Delft. This programme features a half year curriculum of specialisation into the engineering field of launchers, satellites, space instrumentation and related test facilities. Students will follow courses in Astrodynamics & Orbit mechanics, Propulsion, Thermal Engineering, Structures & Materials for Space, AOCS, Systems Engineering and Space Instrumentation. Next to the courses, students will get immersed in a number of hands-on space projects. One of those projects is the design, build and test of a testing facility in the Delft API building for the Lunar Zebro project. Funding for the materials and components needed, has been secured through a successful application with the Gebiedsfonds Delft Technology Park (SGDTP). Other projects in the Space Engineering Minor will deal with the building of an RF terminal for Space Situational Awareness (SSA), a phase A/B study for InhollandSat-1, an AOCS testbed for small satellites and an open entrepreneurial topic a.k.a. Project X.
In addition to courses and projects, we will interface with the outside world through guest speakers from industry and institutes, and excursions. Through the Space Engineering Minor we wish to fully prepare our students to enter into the Space Industry for their graduation internships, and for their professional space career thereafter.

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