Piekbelasters by Caeli

In 2022, we at Caeli have mapped out the most polluted municipalities and organizations, the so-called ‘Piekbelasters’ , as named by the Dutch government. Using near-real time satellite data, we deliver products that provide insight into the exact amounts of emissions at any given location. Such as the Nitrogen Insights Monitor (NIM).

Caeli helps combat two of the world’s biggest problems: air pollution and climate change. We deliver solutions for your organization based on high-resolution satellite data, making air quality and emissions worldwide accessible, understandable & visible.

Recent news

XXXV Planetary Congress of the Associaton of Space Explorers

The visit of over one hundred astronauts to the Netherlands from September 30 to October 6, 2024 during the XXXV Planetary Congress of the Associaton of Space Explorers marks a historic event in our country. Astronauts apply their perspective from space on our Earth...

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Meet the Members

As of 2024, SpaceNed wants to give their members the opportunity to meet more often. Therefore we introduce: Meet the Members! Members can sign up to provide a tour, presentation and some drinks at their organization. SpaceNed will take care of communications and...

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