SpaceNed verbindt
de Nederlandse ruimtevaartsector

SBIR Studies

Royal NLR has participated recently in several studies of the SBIR ‘Technology development for space infrastructure’ call. NLR cooperated amongst others with Dawn Aerospace and Technolution Advance in the following projects:

  1. Dawn Aerospace and NLR MAMTeC carried out a feasibility study into medium-sized satellite propulsion systems, produced with metal Additive Manufacturing (AM). This work was done in the context of the SBIR “Technology development for space infrastructure” call. The study included the design, process selection and was successfully concluded with material tests to investigate the suitability of printed material. Based on the results, a business case and project plan was made for demonstration of the concept in a next phase.
  1. NLR worked with Technolution Advance on the development of an Instrument Control and Data Processing Unit (CDPU). For this CDPU development a feasibility study by Technolution and NLR was conducted which resulted in a positive view on the technical and economic feasibility of this space product. To investigate key requirements and to get a good view on the market perspective, several interviews with potential stakeholders inside the Netherlands and abroad were performed. The CDPU is considered as an important product to improve the Dutch position within the global SmallSat market.