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de Nederlandse ruimtevaartsector

Technologie ontwikkeling voor de ruimte-infrastructuur

Technolution and Royal NLR have carried out a feasibility study in response to the Netherlands Space Office SBIR call “Technologie ontwikkeling voor de ruimte-infrastructuur” (“Technology development for the space infrastructure”). They jointly propose the development of an advanced ICU that is suitable for many instruments on microsatellites, fitted with a secure, state-of-the-art data processing capability. This concept is called the Control and Data Processing Unit (CDPU). The CDPU concept was triggered by the upcoming MicroSat market and CubeSat missions that are becoming bigger and bigger. The CDPU targets higher quality and reliability than CubeSats/NanoSats solutions, with a target in-orbit lifetime of more than 5 years (LEO). Moreover, the CDPU targets for in-orbit reconfiguration and edge-processing capabilities (i.e. data processing, data encryption, control, etc.) close to the instrument.

Feedback from multiple instrument and platform developers (including several SpaceNed members)  affirm that the development of a Dutch CDPU will improve the market position of Dutch high-end optical systems, since it provides the bridging logic to integrate the Dutch high-end optical (front-end) systems in the SmallSat platforms. For a successful development and demonstration of the CDPU, early adopters/launching customers in the instruments domain will be involved from the start of the CDPU specification phase. We acknowledge the fruitful discussions with several SpaceNed members.

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