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de Nederlandse ruimtevaartsector

Visitors at Airbus DS NL

September 15th, the new Minister (‘gedeputeerde’) of Province of South-Holland, Meindert Stolk, visited Airbus DS NL. During his visit and the tours through the facilities, Mr. Stolk learned about Airbus and the ambitions of the Dutch space sector. His visit resulted in a short film​ in support of our space lobby, also featuring Jeroen Rotteveel and Rob Postma.

​September 22nd, Anna Gimbrère, a well-known science journalist and a big space believer, was our guest. She visited Airbus and is very enthusiastic to work with SpaceNed to promote the importance of space for the Netherlands.

And VVD Member of parliament Pim van Strien was also introduced to the Dutch space sector. With as highlight his literal contribution to the construction of the Ariane 6 engine frame: global challenges - NL space solutions.