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IMPACTA: Innovative Mechanically Pumped Loop for Active Antennas


NLR has made an complete design for a mechanically pumped loop to be able to cool Active Antennas as efficiently possible. This program is running under the Horizon 2020 program and consists of consortium of 6 partners, where NLR is responsible for the complete design, simulation and testing of the loop. The active antenna consists of more than 100 single heat sources in differing configuration while running in different modes; meaning a large flexibility is needed for the cooling system to prevent the antenna from overheating. The system is using two phase cooling; with a narrow temperature control and a large cooling capacity: in this case 10kW with a cooling system nominal power of less than 1.5%, (with a higher startup / shut down power needed). The loop is currently built by the Spanish consortium leader AVS according NLR’s design, and by doing so, assures Europe will have the knowledge and capability to be able to build these innovative cooling systems for these high power satellites in the future. NLR has made a big step in the electronical design; as this is an often overseen part of a stand alone cooling system. NLR has made a breadboard design, and made the software program flexible enough to adjust for future needs / clients. The system will be tested early 2022, and by doing so reached a TRL of 6.