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Relocation SRON-Utrecht to BioScience Park in Leiden

SRON-Utrecht is currently moving into its new building at the BioScience Park in Leiden. Some laboratories are already furnished, while the last machines of others are still being packed in Utrecht. Meanwhile, the first employees can already consider Leiden as their permanent location. According to the planning, the office staff will be the last to make the definitive transfer in September.

The new building was designed by Ector Hoogstad Architecten and is being built by the MedizomZes/Kuijpers building consortium. The clean room is equipped with a low-vibration floor. The 5,000 cubic metres of concrete, 800 tonnes of reinforcement and 300 bored piles provide enough mass and stability to keep out almost any vibration.

Furthermore, the building is equipped with laboratories, technical areas with crane gantries, a characteristic atrium, grandstand stairs and an eye-catching facade. The building has been designed according to the standards of the sustainability hallmark BREEAM Excellent.

The relocation of SRON's head office from Utrecht to South-Holland will be accompanied by a broader collaboration between SRON, Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and various other knowledge partners, aimed at SRON's most important research programmes: astrophysics, exoplanetary research, earth science and technology development.