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dotSPACE is launching a new initiative to support the Dutch space sector

Netherlands Space Office
Commissioned by the Netherlands Space Office, dotSPACE is launching a new initiative to support the Dutch space sector in finding relevant Horizon Europe and other European funding calls. This initiative is managed by Groundstation under the name OpenCalls.Space. The project includes a portal with all relevant calls, including factsheets, and a series of information webinars. dotSPACE offers support to organisations looking to find suitable consortium partners.

One of the objectives of the OpenCalls.Space initiative is to make the Dutch space sector more actively aware of opportunities and enable Dutch organisations to showcase, apply and share their knowledge in European consortia. This will strengthen both the Dutch and the European space industry simultaneously.

Funding calls for the space sector
The funding calls that will be collected in the portal include the new Horizon Europe calls, but also calls from other sources, like the European Development Fund (EDF) and Digital Europe. Initially, the calls in the portal cover potential space applications in sectors like health, civil security, climate, energy, mobility, and bioeconomy, with more sectors being added over time.
The new open calls portal offers great opportunities for a wide variety of space organisations, including those specialising in space, Earth observation, remote sensing, and satellite navigation technology and applications.

Series of webinars
On 17 June 2021 the Netherlands Space Office and dotSPACE organised the first in a series of webinars in which some of the best calls for the Dutch and European space sector were highlighted. Please join us in the coming webinars to learn more about these great (new) business opportunities, to find potential consortium partners and find out about the dotSPACE services for writing successful proposals! Dates and topics are: 

- 1 July: Climate 

- 8 July: Agriculture

Other webinars are planned in autumn about Copernicus/ GNSS/ Technology 

At this webinars you will hear about:

  • Funding opportunities in Horizon Europe, selected for space organisations
  • Potential other funding opportunities in other programmes
  • How to initiate or join European consortia for projects
  • How to find support for writing winning proposals

To stay informed please go to: