Highlights West End 2022

This year our family owned and run company is 75 years young, and it was a year of many highlights.

  • We celebrated our Solar Array MGSE in the successful Artemis Mission
  • We hosted the SpaceNed ALV and our chairman Ben van Berge Henegouwen was elected as a Board member.
  • West End signed the PIB USA following our attendance at the Space Mission to Washington in June.
  • Later that year we participated in the Dutch booth at the Spacetech Europe in Bremen.

We engineered, manufactured or refurbished and installed many great projects which make our engineering hearts happy:

  • Metop deployment rig
  • TMT and ELT Ground based astronomy trollies and housings
  • Flight hardware for rockets and observation equipment
  • Vacuum cooling piping system for Plato
  • Vacuum canisters for Camera testing
  • Transport equipment (vacuum + shock resistant for e.g.) for Spexone and Ultra-Air
    to name a few.

As my grandfather started with maintenance and refurbishment, two items stand out for me personally. We won again the tender for the maintenance of the ESA mechanical workshop and we refurbished the 6 x 7 meter stainless steel sun screen frame for ESA.

Thank you for your attention and all the best for 2023, Ben van Berge Henegouwen



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