Highlights Cosine 2022

Cosine receives ESA team achievement 2022 award
The Earth Observation project Φ-Sat-1, in which a new version of cosine’s HyperScout instrument
including on-board artificial intelligence hardware was developed and demonstrated in orbit,
received the Team Achievement Award 2022 from ESA. cosine led the first ESA mission that
demonstrates that in a very short time you can develop, launch and operate a serious Earth
Observation system that is able to perform artificial intelligence in orbit, resulting in the addition of
on-board artificial intelligence to the HyperScout product line.

Cosine first company in the world to receive scia Trim 300 Ion Beam Figuring (IBF) machine
As the first company in the world, cosine has recently received a scia Trim 300 Ion Beam Figuring
(IBF) machine capable of automatically processing 300 mm wafers. Ion beam figuring is a
contactless high-vacuum process and a special type of ion beam etching. A focused broad beam of
positive charged ions moves across the substrate surface and physically etches material by ion
bombardment. The machine has been installed in cosine’s new development and production facilities in
Sassenheim, The Netherlands, which host more than 1.000 m2 of high-tech cleanroom area for
supplying space and industrial customers.

Cosine awarded next contract for Athena
Cosine and the European Space Agency (ESA) have signed the next stage of the development
contract regarding Silicon Pore Optics (SPO) X-ray mirrors for the Athena mission. This step aims
to further prepare the high-resolution X-ray optics for the production phase.

Cosine’s HyperScout selected for multiple space missions
Cosine’s HyperScout product line is a set of miniaturized hyperspectral imagers based on 2D
sensors used in push broom mode. It allows you to observe reality from a picture with different
layers and wavelengths. HyperScout will be on board multiple upcoming space missions:
HyperScout 2 has been selected for top-level Australian Kanyini mission. HyperScout M has been
selected as hyperspectral imager for the UK’s first-ever orbital satellite launch Prometheus-2

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