SpaceNed Young Professionals

SpaceNed Young Professionals Network

The ambition of the SpaceNed Young Professionals Network (SNYP) is to establish a network for young professionals working in the Dutch space sector and to provide them with in-depth and broad knowledge, guidance, and interconnection to support their ambition to have a long and fruitful career in the space sector!

Our goal is to set up a network for young professionals under the age of 36 years who are actively working in the Dutch space sector. The SNYP is a diverse and easily approachable group that facilitates the collaboration and personal development. 

To accomplish these goals, the SNYP will promote and support initiatives that will bring together young professionals from the broad range of organizations active in the Dutch space sector. The SNYP will host meetings, organize seminars, company visits and will seek to work closely with YPN’s from other sectors. Besides offering opportunities to grow your professional skills, we will also organize activities where we will pay attention to developing your soft skills. And off course, there will be plenty of opportunities to broaden your personal network and building new friendships during these activities.

SpaceNed is purely facilitating, the SpaceNed Young Professionals board will determine the program and content, with input from its YP member base.

We will organize activities on the axis of the following themes:

  • Personal development
  • Innovation
  • Professional & Soft skills
  • Inspiration & experience

Agenda / Events

Interested in attending an event? Please send an e-mail and register yourself via

Young Professionals Board

Bastiaan Bom

Bastiaan Bom

Bastiaan Bom is an engineer by training and experience, and a master’s in business administration. With his multidisciplinary background, he leads the Business Development efforts towards European customers and stakeholders at Dawn Aerospace.
Ewa Kadziolka

Ewa Kadziolka

Ewa Kadziolka is a business developer for the Space & Scientific Instrumentation department at TNO. She focuses on enabling new research of key technologies in the field of Satellite Communications, and supports the Dutch space industry in developing new market opportunities. Her goal is to contribute to a more equal, diverse, and inclusive high-tech environment.
Nick Poelstra

Nick Poelstra

Nick Poelstra started in the Aviation world. But where he soon thought: ‘screw the phrase “The sky is the limit” he took this a step higher to space. Via Airbus DS, TU Delft, Hyperion he is now working as a Design Authority at the Space Unit of CGI where it also became his goal to unite and teach colleagues.
Bram Hof

Bram Hof

Bram Hof is a historian working in communications & public affairs. His strength is to craft stories to match strategies. Every day now at Airbus, he is learning something new about the space industry, about the sector or about space travel in general.

How to join

Are you a professional in the Dutch space sector and under the age of 36? Then you are very welcome to join the SpaceNed Young Professionals Network! You can sign up through our form.

A small contribution fee will be charged on a yearly basis.

You can follow SpaceNed Young Professionals on LinkedIn.