Information for New Members

SpaceNed membership provides you with important benefits for the growth of your company. You will become part of a powerful network that connects all SpaceNed members with key partners and stakeholders across the industry. Additional benefits include:

  • Lobbying: SpaceNed connects the major players in the Dutch space sector allowing them to have a stronger voice towards governments and international institutions and companies.
  • Export markets: SpaceNed supports the entry and development of export markets and informs its members about international opportunities.
  • Innovation: SpaceNed organises innovation-oriented events and activities, and ensures sufficient financial resources to promote innovation within the space sector.
  • Knowledge sharing: SpaceNed provides a platform to meet and share information on topics such as aerospace business, quality assurance, legal and contractual regulations and more.
  • Networking: SpaceNed organises regular networking events to connect its members and external stakeholders, share knowledge and ideas.

There are on average two General Members’ Meetings (GMM) per year, and at least two theme sessions on current topics. For special developments in the industry, SpaceNed organises additional meetings.

For more or different information, please contact SpaceNed by filling out the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible!