The Dutch Space industry

The Importance Of The Dutch Market In The Global Space Industry

The Netherlands is an important player in the space sector. SpaceNed has created a platform to support and connect companies and institutions that generate space services, technology, products and systems.

Key Figures and economic Benefits

  • The space sector in the Netherlands generates an added value of €1.9 billion and employment for 10.500 people – most of which are highly-educated employees.
  • The economic benefits of exploration and exploitation are much broader: there is an important cross-fertilization with other sectors. As an example, in terms of material supply, robotisation, miniaturisation, etc.

Political-strategic Benefits

  • Independent European access to space.
  • Commitment to space is important for international geo-political relationships, diplomacy and security.

Social Benefits

  • Dutch science is widely recognised for its advances in climate research, astronomy, remote sensing and aerospace engineering. It remains of great importance to promote these achievements on an international context, so to strengthen the international scientific reputation of the Netherlands.
  • This reputation of excellency enables the Netherlands to partake in key projects worldwide. The acquired knowledge from participating in these projects, also benefits other industries.
  • As demonstrated by André Kuipers as a guest speaker during the ESA-ESTEC open days, space exploration is an increasingly popular topic. There is raising interest for science technology.
  • The greatest social impact can be found in space applications:
    • Defence and security: communication, reconnaissance, location determination and espionage but also criminal investigation.
    • Agriculture: increasing agricultural yields, precision farming.
    • Environment and climate: by observing, monitoring and forecasting air and water quality, counteracting adverse climate effects.
    • Logistics and transport: a large part of air, water and road traffic route selection is based on navigation satellites.
    • Meteorology: vastly improved weather forecasting with broad economic benefits for aviation productivity and renewable energy supply.
    • Health and safety.