2023 Connecting Space Regions
Availability of rare, critical materials in Aeronautics and Space July 04th, 2023
(digital, 14:00 to 15:30 CET)

Among other sectors, aeronautics and space depend strongly on the availability of rare, critical materials. Stocks are running out and many of these materials come from politically unstable regions. It is getting more and more important to be resilient for Europe. Access to a secure, diversified, affordable and sustainable supply of critical rare materials and components is essential for the aeronautics and space industry. One of the solutions can be reuse of these materials.

Europe aims to mitigate the risks, which arise from one-sided structural dependence in materials and technologies for industry, in order to improve its economic resilience. Innovative solutions by industry are key on the path to European resilience.

How can the industry cope with these challenges and what can be done in advance? Which materials and technologies are of critical importance for the industry?
What support is needed from European institutions?

Let’s address strategies for future sovereignty and what we have learned so far to overcome existing challenges.

We cordially invite you to the next digital Connecting Space Regions Session.

Topic: Availability of rare, critical materials in Aeronautics and Space

Keynotes/ Presentations:

  • Title: Welcoming and Introducing European Resilience Speaker: AVIASPACE BREMEN Board Member, Nadja Wolf What does sovereignty and independence mean for Europe?
    Which dependencies do we have in Europe?

The lecture of Mrs. Wolf is looking at different angles to circumvent dependencies that we currently have and is showcasing some examples for technologies and components on the way to more European resilience.

  • Title: The role of ESA’s technology programmes in achieving future European Sovereignty
    Speaker: ESA/ESTEC , Dr. Joerg Wehner
    Head of Infrastructure and Institutional Coordination Office

The presentation will deliver an outline of ESA’s Technology Strategy and how it is today translated into a programmatic setup which is supporting the strive for European Sovereignty.

  • Title: European independence in the field of Sunsensors
    Speaker: Lens R&D BV, Johan Leijtens CEO
    Active components are core to European independence and although designing your own silicon is rather expensive, the availability of a proprietary design can ensure independence for a long time.
    The presentation will focus on past and current sensor developments at Lens R&D for which ESA has provided indispensable support to reach European independence in the field of high reliability Sunsensors.

The event will be moderated by Nadja Wolf (AVIASPACE Bremen, Board Member).

Company pitches from different domains will provide you with an overview of the companies’ activities and new developments in the sector. If you offer technical solutions to overcome dependencies and want to show case them, get in touch with us for a pitch. Showcased examples could include new materials, disruptive technologies or sustainable approaches like recycling or new production methods.

There are still spots available for company pitches!

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About Connecting Space Regions Event series:
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