BiSon64-ET and BiSon64-ET-B

On 31st of March (one day before the ten year existence of Lens Research & Development) the latest version of the BiSon64-ET and BiSon64-ET-B finished full ESA ECSS environmental qualification.

Although ESA generally only tests up to 500 thermal cycles for the lifecycle testing, currently 1000 cycles have been successfully completed as well and another 1000 thermal cycles are still running. Consequently full ESA qualification can be claimed for above mentioned Sunsensors.

As the MAUS Sunsensor was taken along with this qualification program also this sensor is to be considered fully qualified and the first radiation hardened Cubesat Sunsensor in the World.

Developed on customer request (for ISISpace and In-space) several units are already flying on a number of ISISpace Cubesats and flight models have been delivered to In-space as well (with more customers expected)

The full ECSS qualification therefore marks a transition from development and qualification to a more production oriented phase.One of the consequences associated with this is that in retrospect as of 1st of January 2022, Lens Research & Development will change from a ZMP company in a b.v. This comes with a legal name change and the new name will be: Lens R&D b.v.

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