The Beta Business Days is a unique career event in Groningen aimed at students of the “Faculty of Science and Engineering.” It is the perfect opportunity for companies to get in touch with enthusiastic students from studies such as Astronomy, Physics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Mathematics, Data Science, Industrial Engineering, and more!

The 37th edition of the Beta Business Days will take place on March 20 and 21, 2024 in Martiniplaza in Groningen. With more than 7,000 interested bachelor’s, master’s and PhD students in the science sector in Groningen, there is a lot of demand for a professional organization that focuses on space, physics, and technical innovation. Last year alone, 10% of our students responded wanting more space-related companies. Half of our students are international (non-Dutch) students, with the majority of them being from EU countries.

We offer various modules (activities), such as a Business Presentation or a Business Case. Explanation of these modules can be found in our brochure (BBD 2024 brochure). In addition to these modules, we offer a lunch for all participating companies and students and there will be drinks for networking following the event. During this event you will be received, guided and helped as best as possible, so that the day will run smoothly.

We hope to hear from you and see you at the Beta Business Days 2024!