ASE Planetary Congress 2024

Generation Space – shaping the future together

Please mark the week of 30 September to 4 October 2024 in your calendar! During that week, the Annual ASE Planetary Congress will take place in the Netherlands! More than 100 astronauts from 38 countries will visit our country. The theme of the congress is ‘Generation Space – shaping the future together’.

American astronaut Jimm Lovell once said “We do not realise what we have on Earth until we leave it”. With that realisation, we want to work towards a healthy future for Mother Earth and its inhabitants. You always do that together, never alone: Shaping the future together. Together with astronauts, the government, youth and many other partners.

Together with these partners, ASE2024 aims to make this historic event a great success by providing insight into the indispensable role of space for a safe and sustainable future within numerous sectors. We will make this possible in many ways during the week. Among other things, by organising lectures and panels with astronauts on all days. These will take place in Noordwijk, the heart of the Dutch space sector. On Wednesday, during the so-called “Community Day”, the astronauts will go into the country, spread across all provinces, to different locations such as universities, schools and companies.

Some of the sessions involve the youth intensively, after all, if you have the youth, you have the future. We mention two:
Through these activities, we hope to inspire and interest young people in the many different technical professions.

The full programme, including a number of cultural events, will be announced in early 2024.

Would you as a company like to be involved in this week as a business partner or are you interested in unique communication and relationship marketing opportunities during this week, we would be happy to make an appointment with you. Please contact Debbie Schouten at

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