Our Missions

SpaceNed aims to facilitate and support the Dutch space sector. The trade association is facilitating the development of the Dutch space industry through lobbying, networking and media relations. It further supports its members by organising export missions, seminars, and knowledge exchange events.


SpaceNed builds bridges between its members and all different stakeholders to collaborate in specific international domains.

Driven by the belief that space technology contributes to the Dutch economy and helps solve major social challenges, in areas as diverse as climate change, water management and agriculture, SpaceNed advances the interests of the Dutch space industry.

SpaceNed thus represents the joint interests of diverse stakeholders of the space industry in the Netherlands. Acting on behalf of its members on a national, regional and international level, SpaceNed leads the agenda with partners such as the Netherlands Space Office (NSO), national ministries, local authorities, European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Union.


SpaceNed organises international network activities and exhibitions, during which members are able to connect with international industry players. Under the heading “Global Challenges–NL Space solutions”, SpaceNed supports its members with the positioning, establishing and promoting of services, technology, products, systems, activities, trainings and consulting in the international space technology.

The goal is to manage and enhance the image and reputation of the Dutch space sector as a global leader and provider in the space industry.

innovation and expertise

SpaceNed aims to maintain and expand the Dutch space industry’s leading position. Therefore, it encourages and facilitates knowledge exchange, innovations’ sharing and multi-disciplinary collaboration among its members and national and regional governments and international organisations.

SpaceNed provides a forum where members meet and share information, experience and capabilities. Part of this scope includes the organisation of key events, such as lectures, round tables, panel discussions, seminars and trainings for its members in which external experts share their knowledge and expertise.


In its mission to position, establish and promote the Dutch space sector and advance Dutch interests in this field, SpaceNed also supports its members with media relations and communications.

SpaceNed communicates, distributes and celebrates the latest trends, developments and innovations of its members within the Dutch space industry, to all relevant stakeholders and media titles in the space landscape.