About SpaceNed

The Netherlands is one of the leading European countries in high-tech and reliable space solutions development. SpaceNed is a non-profit organisation that aims to connect members and their employees, universities and scientific groups, media, national and local governments to boost the Dutch space sector and to generate upgrowth opportunities.

SpaceNed now counts over 55 members across industries to facilitate the mission to develop space innovations and position and establish the Netherlands as one of the global leaders in the highly competitive space sector.

Space Technologies to Improve Life on Earth

Space exploration and exploitation for scientific and commercial purposes is an important part of our future. Aware of the opportunities and benefits brought by the growing space industry, SpaceNed aims to encourage the development of space technologies in the Netherlands.

Space innovations play an important part in our daily lives. For instance, by providing valuable and unique information collected from outer space, space technologies can help humans in areas such as:

  • Communication
  • Connectivity
  • Climate monitoring
  • Defence
  • Food and water security
  • Mobility and transport

Understanding Our Universe for a More Sustainable Future

For many of us, space exploration sparks the imagination and fascinates us. Above our atmosphere, there is so much to discover. Space exploration is not only a dream come true, but it also brings many economic and scientific opportunities that will help a more sustainable future for humankind.

Space travellers who had the chance to observe our planet from the immensity of outer space were all stricken by its fragility. Their perception of the world has changed and is no longer limited by borders and cultural barriers. This new perception is called the ‘Overview Effect’. As Wubbo Ockels, the first Dutch astronaut, said: “The view from up there makes you realise we are all astronauts living on a small spaceship: the Earth.”

The development of space has a direct impact on many industries and economies on a national level, and also on our future. Governments encourage space exploration so that we find new natural resources and other planets to live on. Thanks to many worldwide-known Dutch scientists and high-tech firms, the Netherlands now has the potential and capabilities to develop and conduct space research on a level that is up to par with global standards.

SpaceNed aims to create synergy between its members to position, establish and promote the Dutch space sector on the global space map. SpaceNed aims to advance Dutch interests in the space landscape.