AAC Hyperion 2022 Highlights

Our company AAC Hyperion is based in Delft, the Netherlands, and specialises in high performance components for small spacecraft. It is renowned for its attitude and orbit control technologies and laser communications. Access to this key technology adds substantial capability to AAC Clyde Space’s missions offering.

2022 was a great year for our business and we achieved many of our goals, including:

AAC Hyperion under new management

Frédéric Menard joined the group as Director of Operations for AAC Hyperion, bringing fresh managerial experience and a passion for delivery of innovative programmes.

AAC Hyperion to develop onboard AI capability with ESA funding

This project shall directly address the bandwidth bottleneck and timeliness of data for payload hungry missions. We shall develop a generic AI onboard processor up to TRL 5 in collaboration with Royal NLR, sponsored by NSO and ESA.

AAC Hyperion accelerates into small series production in 2022

This year, we saw good traction for delivering larger volumes to constellations. Our most successful products were star trackers, sun sensors, and magnetorquers.

AAC Hyperion supports In-Orbit Production mission Forgestar-1

The AAC Clyde Space group will provide a number of key systems in into Space Forge’s Forgestar-1 spacecraft, a returnable in-orbit manufacturing solution! AAC Hyperion will be providing the integrated ADCS.

AAC Hyperion delivered our very first laser communication terminal, CubeCAT

We saw the delivery of our laser communications terminal for its first in-orbit demonstration, currently scheduled for Q1 2023. Developed in partnership with TNO, this system will demonstrate 1Gbps connectivity at low SWaP (Size, Weight & Power) opening the way to higher bandwidth applications from SmallSat and CubeSat platforms.

AAC Hyperion supported various national and international initiatives

  • NEDS conference in Rotterdam
  • ESA ESTEC open days
  • IAC 2022 in Paris (2 papers presented)
  • Space Expo India
  • SmallSat in Utah
  • TNO Optical Satcom Day
  • TU Delft Connect Event
  • VSV Space Symposium
  • Trade Mission to the US

Recent news

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Company visit Antwerp & Leuven

From 15 - 16 May, SpaceNed has organized a productive visit to Antwerp and Leuven. In collaboration with the Vlaamse Ruimtevaartindustrie vsw & Flanders Space and accompanied by 15 Dutch Space organizations, we visited several Flemish companies, gave...

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