Becoming a member of SpaceNed pays off for all dutch organisations doing business with and within the space sector. SpaceNed includes small and medium sized companies, knowledge institutes and universities involved in the development, production and support of space products and services, as well as suppliers working for the space industry.
SpaceNed members develop and deliver innovative high-tech products and services in the space and non-space sector. Member size varies between 1 and 300 employees, ranging from companies with a space track record for more than forty years up to new start-up companies.

SpaceNed aims at a growth in membership in order to strengthen its position in the space sector as the univocal trade association for all space-related organizations in the Netherlands. SpaceNed has the ambition in realizing a 20% annual growth in bringing in new members.

This has led to the following results:
Actual number of members per December 31, 2008: 17
Actual number of members per December 31, 2009: 21
Target number of members per December 31, 2010: 25

Membership application can be initiated by simply contacting SpaceNed.